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What are E Cigarettes?

E Cigarettes (vapour cigarettes, ecigs or E cigarettes for short) are nicotine vapourizing devices made to supply with a nicotine/flavour solution called E liquid to provide smokers their nicotine with no cancerous carcinogens found in tobacco. The earliest e cigarettes resembled normal cigarettes, as they were short, thin and white having a filter-coloured cartridge, but electronic cigarette vendors and manufacturers like Vision have designed and developed many different variations of the electronic cigarette over the past 7 years or so. This has helped people understand that the electronic cigarette is not actually a smoking cessation device. Instead, the electronic cigarette was developed purely for smokers who want a healthier, more cost effective smoking alternative. The electronic cigarette (e cigarette) comes in three parts; a Lithium Ion e cig battery, an atomizing device (called an e cigarette atomizer) and a cartridge or tank in which the Ejuice is stored, and they all fit together to make the modern E-cigarette. We at Vapourbase stock only the best e cigarette products from the best e cigarette manufacturers in the Electric cigarette industry, such as Innokin,Vision,Smoktech,

What is E liquid?

E liquid (or sometimes called E juice) is the solution that is vapourized in the cartridge or tank of the vapour cigarette. It is a solution based on either propelyne glycerol and/or vegetable glycerin and/or polyethylene glycol 400, mixed with flavour concentrate and a percentage of nicotine (usually from 0% to 3.6% – the proportion of nicotine content is the overall percentage per ml of solution, so for instance 1.6% E liquid contains 16mg per ml of solution. Some stores use the % to show the strength of the E liquid (1.6%) while others, like us, adopt the mg-per-ml (16mg).
There are various E liquid flavours available and brand new ones are now being made and tested all the time. More common E liquid flavours include various tobacco flavours, menthol, cherry, and the RY series. Vapourbase only uses E liquid flavourings from the best flovour houses in the world.

How do Electronic cigarettes work?

The Electronic cigarette user draws on the end of the electronic cigarette in which the E liquid is stored inside the cartridge/tank and either automatically, or utilizing the use of a button found on the electronic cigarette battery, this triggers the battery which powers the electronic cigarettes atomizer. The atomizer heats the E liquid, creating a smoke-like vapour which is inhaled by the user, carrying the diluted nicotine to the lungs. Hence the name ‘vapour cigarette’.

Are E Cigarettes legal in the united kingdom?

Yes! In the united kingdom Electric cigarettes are legal to market and sell both on the internet and over the counter. In the UK Electronic cigarettes don’t come under the Medical Devices Directive nor do they fall under the Tobacco Products Directive. The UK Electronic Cigarette industry is regulated by Consumer Product Regulations such as CE, SGS and RHoS.

Because E Cigarettes aren’t regulated as a tobacco product it’s totally legal to smoke anywhere, including establishments where the smoking ban is enforced, although you will discover that some places, won’t allow the Electronic Cigarette to be used on their premises.